How to shop successfully without regrets

How to shop successfully without regrets

Shopping is fun, isn’t it? Let’s make sure we do it successfully, so the joy lasts longer! You don’t want to return home, open the bags and regret buying all that staff that’s inside! Here are my best – tried and tested – tips for shopping smart!

  1. Make a list. Before leaving home make sure all you need is in on the list. Write it down on paper and take it with you. It will save you. I am amazed how often I am in the store and do not remember what I came for. Everything looks so beautiful and useful and necessary. Until I go home and find out that this isn’t what I needed at all!
  2. Make sure it’s right! Right for you right now! Right for your lifestyle and your body type. If it doesn’t look great on you and doesn’t reflect your personality, leave at the store.
  3. Dress appropriately! When you go out on a shopping mission make sure you wear something that is easy to get into and out off. Your task is to try things on, so make this as easy as possible. Avoid shoes with laces and buttoned shirts.
  4. Don’t be afraid to spend on classic items. A good coat, leather shoes and handbags, any material of good quality is worth the money. It’s an investment.
  5. Spread the cost of an expensive garment. How much is too much? Calculate cost per wear and consider how many years you might wear it. This is particularly applicable when considering the purchase of a coat, or a tailored suit.
  6. Prefer shopping on a weekday, if possible. The stores are far less crowded and the salespeople far less distracted. They will be far more inclined to help you and accommodate your needs.
  7. Don’t be afraid to mix and match! Even royals and loaded celebrities do this today. Besides mixing pieces and styles can be great fun. Proceed with caution!
  8. Be honest with yourself. Shop for your body the way you are now. Consider your body type and age and don’t be lured by the wonderful top you could enjoy wearing in another lifetime.
  9. Avoid shopping when in distress. Shopping in a hurry never did any of us any favours. It’s best to wear something old and trusted than run around at the last minute trying to find the perfect outfit. Most likely you’ll end up with something all wrong.
  10. Play it safe. When unsure, go for basic colours like black, white and anything neutral. You can’t go too far off when you stick to the basic palette.


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